We are an international company of Greek origin.

Having started in 1974, we have since become one of the leader brands in the sector of natural stones.

At our privately owned premises operates vertically integrated industrial plant. We implement an ecological policy and constantly invest on it.

Our extensive experience in the field, our expertise, our continuously searching for quality materials and our executive potential constitute the cornerstones, which determines the political direction of the company and guarantee of outstanding service at competitive prices for our customers.

As a result we have gained customer’s trust offering a wide range of superior products as well as business conducted with the utmost professionalism.

The infinite innovative and designing possibilities of MASmarbles created long lasting relationships with architects, construction companies and designers from all over the world.

Quality assurance policies that have been created and instituted by our company are strictly enforced. Due to the above-mentioned commitment to quality of all our products, our company obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 and CE mark.


We are driven by our passion, our love for marble and our commitment to excellence.

The relationship with our customers based on respect of requirements and quick service, as they are the most important asset of the company.

Based on the finding that humans are inspired by values and that values operate as vis vitalis for inspiration, hard work and creativity, we always give the best effort from management to production, offering customized solutions.

As a natural stone fabricator, our company aims to maintain its quality and recognition and to constantly improve its standards and technical controls.

Our goal is to promote Greek marble worldwide.




Vertically integrated operations allow us to carry out each and every phase of the production chain.

Advanced mechanical equipment and cutting-edge machinery, such as (6-axis) CNC and Waterjet machining centers, contribute to a wide range of innovative functions as well as the highest quality standard of the products.

There is a production control in every plant according to the most recent production standards.

Our premises host four key production departments:

  • Block cutting and slab production line
  • Floors, tiles and large dimensions production line
  • Cut to size production line
  • Special marble constructions and artworks production line

We also provide complete solutions for all stages of marble processing, as well as specialized sculptors in our Artworks Department for the most demanding works in marble.



MASmarbles supports environmental conservation by employing water recycling systems, energy conservation devices and eliminating our waste by offering products made from remnant and scrap materials. By using these residues we produce a variety of applications such as backslashes, frames and fireplaces.