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“…with marble you can…”, you can imagine or dream, construct or create, you can feel, express yourself or even accept…

At MASmarbles we love marble and we offer you a wide range of selected materials, meeting even the most extensive demands. Amongst our unique collection architects and designers can find any kind of color solutions and technical requirements they may need.

Our goal is to promote Greek Marble worldwide.


We do create by bringing to life even the most demanding works in marble.

Our specialized sculptors and high-performance CNC machines assurance our utmost quality standards. Each work is carried out to set procedures which allow the entire production cycle to be quality controlled, from optimizing project design to final inspections in finished products.

In any case MASmarbles provides tailored advices and solutions for the maintenance and protection of its artworks and believes that cooperation with customers does not end after the completion of the project.

There are many reasons to work with us.

Discover our outstanding world of services…


Our projects stand out for their functionality, aesthetics and durability over time.

We pay particular attention to detail starting with the study of the project and continuing throughout and until completion of the work, so that constantly improve our standards and technical control.

Our Project Management Department is comprised of experienced engineers and expert staff in order to undertake projects as material supplier.

The infinite innovative and designing possibilities of MASmarbles have created long lasting relationships with architects, construction companies and designers from all over the world. On account of these relationships remarkable projects have been built worldwide using materials of MASmarbles.